Welcome to Hosin Hapkido Team

Hapkido is a Korean self-defense martial art

Wich has been influenced by, incorporates a mix of various borrowed techniques

from other (Korean) martial arts.

Our Hapkido association is under development.

Regardless of your age or level, you will train in an all-ages and belt group.
Hapkido has attack/striking techniques, however the emphasis will be on defense.

This self-defense

is largely focused on liberation techniques (breaking free),

including circular techniques, in which brute force is avoided.

Self-defense can also be aimed at evading, blocking, breaking, neutralizing,

detaining and applying.

The Hapkido has a basic for this; punching, kicking, falling, breaking, rolling, clamping,
gripping and throwing and weapon techniques
which makes this a very versatile and varied sport varied.

Every lesson will include repeating some of the basics as well as a changing theme.


For whom: all ages, adults and children

 - Participants must be present 15 minutes before of the class,

For more information:

- WWW.HosinHapkidoTeam.NL

- or come to an instructor before the lesson, then we have time for your Questions

- or join a few trial lessons the 1st 2 lessons Hapkido are free,

- And you can also take 2 free trial lessons at Taekwon-do on Friday evening.
호신 합기도 팀

Hosin Hapkido Team

GHA Hapkido Association Leiderdorp

 Training location:

Gym "Zijlkwartier "

Van der Marckstraat 19


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